Name of Faculty Subject Title of the project Name of the Funding agency Total grant
Sanctioned Received
Dr. Sonsale S.D Marathi Marathwada Vidyapitha Mamantar Ladha and Kavita WRO, UGC, Pune
1,15,000 90,000
1,55,000 1,15,000
85,700 65,700
1,20,000 1,05,000
2,35,000 1,80,000
1,20000 95,000
Dr. Patil M.B. Botny Influence of Growth Hormones (IAA and GA0 on morphology, yield and oil content of certain oil seeds. WRO, UGC, Pune Completed
Dr. Kachave M.D. Commerce Krusi Vikasat Salgadyachi Bhumika WRO, UGC, Pune Ongoing
.Prof. Jaybhaye V.K. English The Comparative Study of the Autobiographies of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama WRO, UGC, Pune Ongoing
Dr. Andhale B.V. Pol. Sci. Use of Right to Information Act in Sonpeth Taluka WRO, UGC, Pune Ongoing
Prin . Dr. V D Satpute English English language and literature teaching through distance mode in Maharastra problems & prospects WRO, UGC, Pune Ongoing