College Runs different Best practices/Activities like

  • No Vehicle Day
  • One Teacher One Tree
  • One Student One tree
  • Birthday Celebration of Employees by Donating Books
  • 'MATA-PITA' adhar Scheme ect.

Some Activities are described below


The main objective of the practice is to provide motivation to research.

The context
Under this practice, the research committee motivatesteachers to write and present research papers in seminars and conferences as well as submit their Minor Research Projects and Major Research Project to UGC, WRO, Pune.The Students are also motivated to participate in various research festivals arranged by our university.

The practice
Under this practice, four teachers submitted and sanctioned their Minor Research Projects. Apart from this, seven teachers submitted their Minor/Major Research Projects to UGC, WRO, Pune.Teachers are prompted to register for M Phil and Ph D. We have research committee to prepare MRP proposals as per UGC guidelines. Besides from this, faculties of the college submits one copy of their Dissertations/Thesis to the college library by which the stakeholders can aware the research by their teachers as well as they can get innovative ideas of the research from the respective faculties. Apart from this, under this scheme, the students from our college are motivated to participate in the Avishkar Research Festival of SRTM University, Nanded. In these research festivals, in Academic Year 2012-13, two research posters are selected for university level competition. In Academic Year 2013-14, two students of B.Sc. were participated in Inter University Research Competition held at Nagpur.

Evidence of success
Through the motivation to the students for research, our four students selected for university level presentation of their posters during Academic Year 2012-13 and two students are selected for Inter- University Research Project Presentation for Academic Year 2013-14. Apart from this, the five faculties have been sanctioned their MRP and the projects are to be submitted very soon. In order to make the students active besides there classroom study, somefaculty members of the college introduced wallpaper. The nature of thewallpaper is to collect the subject related articles/informative paragraphs withcurrent issues related to the subject by editorial board of student. It issupervised by subject teacher. This innovative method of study, enhance thestudents learning outside the classroom. The wallpapersare providingknowledge to visitors/ parents and students from other college. Students arevery competitive to publish their articles in the wallpaper. The published wallpapers are being displayed in notice boards for 15 days. To createthe interest of students in their study, it is scientifically proved that seeingcapacity of students more active than the hearing, wallpaper supports them tounderstand topic which is not well understood in the class room. So theyactively participated in this activity. It is displayed on the front view ofclass/main building, automatically they see the wallpaper daily and theyprepare the topic for the final examination, they also develop the wish toparticipate in the wallpaper. This students hand written activity is bearingfruits. Students get opportunity to express themselves through the medium of wall papers and annual magazine. The motto of wallpaper is ‘Less Effort, Maximum Gain.’


Goal To provide financial support to the economically backward stakeholders who are regular and sincere during their academic period.

The context Under this scheme, we teachers adopted few economically backward students by which we provide bus passes, fill the examination fees,college uniforms and provideeducational aids by which their higher education should be continued.

The practice In this practice, all teachers adopt at least one economically backward student for the help. Through this practice we are able to provide moral and economical support to the stakeholders. All the faculties of the college collect Rs.500/ each for the Student Aid Fund. With the help of this fund we run this practice in the college. The committee takes the required applications as well as the feedback from the concerned optional subject teachers, by which the committee can decide the real beneficiary of the scheme. Evidence of success Through this new practice run by we teachers, now twenty students are able to pay the annual examination fees, some are supported by the monthly bus passes. Apart from this, we teachers collected Rs. 11000/ for financial support to student for the heart surgery.Above all, our institution also involved in this scheme and the President Shri. Kadam P.R. has give ten college uniforms to the economically backward students. We get the results of the scheme immediately. The helped students are very successively passed in their respective classes with good marks.


To motivate faculties for the research writing, preparation of Minor/Major Research Projects as well as to impart and implement the innovative teaching skills like Power Point Presentation and use of audio-video aids in teaching. Apart from the faculties of the college, the stakeholders also awarded ‘Student of the year’ Award for the Academic Year from each stream. By this practice, we create the responsible, sincere, respective and hardworking students. For the award, most of the students can try to achieve the goal and we success to create the healthy and competitive atmosphere in the campus.

The context
Under this practice, from last two years the students of the college awarded with ‘Student of the year’ award. Apart from the students, The Best Teacher Award was also conferred on the five teachers since last five academic years respectively.

The practice
From the last five years, five teachers have been felicitated with the Best Teacher Award for their good academic and active research performance in the college. The institution offered the Best Teacher Awards to the following faculties for their scholarly contribution.

SR No Name Year
1 Dr. Kulkarni V.B. 2009-10
2 Dr. Dr. Kale B.M.
3 Dr. Sonsale S.D.
4 Dr. Kachave M.D.
5 Dr. Misal M. K.
6 Prof. Jayhaye V. K.
7 Dr. M. B. Pati 2016-17
8 Dr.Tengse S.A. 2017-18

Best Students Awards: 2014-2015

SR No Name Faculty
1 Rathod Vishal Shesherao B.Sc.T.Y.
2 Panpatil Shrawasti B.A. T.Y.


SR No Name Faculty
1 Wankar Pooja Prakash B.Sc.T.Y.
2 Nakhate Manisha Satyaprem B.A. T.Y.
3 Harkal Jyoti Balasaheb B.A. T.Y.
4 Rasal Neeta Tukaram B.Sc.T.Y.
5 Agale Avinash Tukaram B.Sc.F.Y.


SR No Name Faculty
1 Sayyad Rais B.A.T.Y.
2 Bhosale Sunita B.Com. T.Y.
3 Bhosale Shraddha B.Sc. T.Y.

Evidence of success
Since the teachers were felicitated with the Best Teacher Award by the college, they have rewarded by the award they contributed academically very good through their research and academic record of the college. All awarded teachers already completed their Ph.D. degrees and contributed by their research activities. Dr. Sonsale S.D. was awarded by The Best Dramatist Award by the Government of Maharashtra for his playwriting titled ‘Ghusmat’ in Marathi. Apart from this, Dr. Sonsale has published seven ISBN books on various topics like poetry and Marathi criticism. Dr. Kachave M.D. has published one book of poetry and edited two ISBN books with collaboration of co-editors.

Problems encountered and resource required
For any work or requirements students/ parents had to devote moretime than it required. Right now the process is very smooth and time saving. It creates good impression of the Institute at local level the college containsstudents from labor class, farming society,they are not aware about thegraduation .They felt that once fail means end of their educational life. Sosuch students were facing a lot of problems in studies. The college was findingit hard, how to decrease and control the drop out and failure rate. The students feel lethargy and they demand change, the facultymembers introduced wallpaper. Through this action, we want to increasestudent’s interest in their subjects & it is invitation to their creativity andinnovative ideas.